Hamilton Musicians Guild Elects Executive For 2018-19

Members of the Hamilton Musicians Guild local 293 American Federation of Musicians/Canadian Federation of Musicians held elections for their Executive Board at the Guild General Meeting, held on Monday October 16th, 2017 at the Army Navy Club.

There were seven incumbent executive members: President Larry Feudo, Vice President Reg Denis, Second Vice President Janna Malseed, Sergeant-at-arms Paul Panchezak, Marshall Ron Palangio, Director Glen Brown, and Director Brenda Brown. Each one was re-elected by acclamation. An additional Director, Ryan McKenna, was duly nominated and elected by acclamation rounding out the Executive Board to a full roster of nine.

The office of the Secretary-Treasurer, currently held by Brent Malseed, is in mid-term and will be up for election in 2018.

Hamilton Musicians Guild Executive
Photo: Glen Brown

The Hamilton Musicians Guild is an integral part of the music industry in Hamilton, providing collective strength, bargaining power, and professional support in various ways.

Membership in the Guild has steadily climbed in recent years to the present roster of 625 active members. The Guild represents the musicians of the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and the New Millenium Orchestra in their collective bargaining, and also represents the diverse community of individual musicians and bands by assisting with contracts, professional support documents, industry publicity tools, professional knowledge and networking, work visas, personal injury and instrument insurance, as well as managing a pension fund.

Musicians who take themselves seriously as entrepreneurs and small business owners are finding that membership in the Musicians Guild gives them assurance that someone in the industry truly is on their side representing their needs. The Musicians Guild is the only industry organization that is intended from the ground up to be “by the members and for the members.”

The Guild executive pictured here is committed to building into the local music scene with service and support for its members.

For more information, visit www.hamiltonmusicians.org