Hamilton’s Music Scene

Hamilton’s music scene is wild and crazy-good.

Hamilton is the best place to be a musician in the entire country. Hamilton Musician Media exists to help you connect with new audiences and move your music business forward.

The company is best known for printing three magazines (see right). Now the company is building a web portal that is a hub for Hamilton music news, event listings, and a music business directory.

This site is for musicians, music fans, other lovers of local live music, and all the businesses that support them.

News ways. New opportunities

Great things are happening. With the encouragement of City Council the Hamilton Music Strategy has been moving forward. The subsequent formation of a volunteer panel called the Music Strategy Implementation Team, now renamed as Hamilton Music Industry Working Committee, has encouraged people and businesses to work together in new ways to create new opportunities for musicians across all genres and platforms.

Hamilton is in the middle of an artistic and cultural renaissance. If you’re a musician or a music business, Hamilton wants you!

This new website (the old one can be viewed here) is meant to help connect musicians to each other and to their audiences, and connect local music venues to their customers, in order to grow audiences and increase the impact of our already vital music scene.

Our music scene is more diverse, and our talent pool is deeper than any of us think.

Read and see the exciting daily stories of music shows, interviews, reviews, photographs, announcements, new music, release parties, and music festivals.

So far it’s been a rewarding adventure. I look forward to meeting you soon as we make music in Hamilton.

Glen Brown

Founder, Hamilton Musician Media